<span>5 must-try dishes that made from Hanasaki crab - seasonal specialties in Japan.</span>

Nowhere else does seasonal dishes important as in Japan, SHUN in Japanese means the most delicious seasonal dish of the year. Hanasaki crab is not only a specialty that only available in Hokkaido, but also special because this crab is caught only 1 time a year when autumn comes. 



The Hanasaki Queen Crab is also known as the Queen Kombu crab as the crab lives in the Kombu seaweed, which sweetness enhances the taste of the crab meat and bring out a very distinctive flavor. As a rare, expensive crab, only caught once a year, not everyone in Japan has a chance to try this crab.  


The crab turns into bright red like a blooming flower when cooked, plus the rich flavor of the crab. Because of the color and the impressive taste of this crab, they called it Hanasaki, which means “blooming flowers“ in Japanese. With sweet and fatty meat, thin shells, not only attracted by the outside beauty but also by its inner taste – as true as its name -Hanasaki – the Queen Crab. 



Hanasaki Kani Misoshiru (miso soup with Hanasaki crab): A famous soup made from Hanasaki crab, each pieces of crab is carefully selected by Sushi Hokkaido Sachi Headchefs to create a special flavor for the miso soup.  


The first well-known delicacies to be at the top of the test is Hanasaki Kani Misoshiru (miso soup with Hanasaki crab). These pieces of crab are carefully selected to create a special flavor, which makes you want to call two, three more.



Hanasaki Kani Sashimi (Sashimi): The whole section of crab meat is cooked and preserved on cold ice, some parts of the crab shell is kept as decoration, wrapping the crab meat to keep its freshness. 



Hanasaki Kani Yaki (Crab Hanasaki Grill): This cool weather, sudden rainy days in Saigon, is suitable for customers to enjoy crab meat grilled on red hot charcoal stove. When the crab ripes, its fragrant from the meat blends with crab shell that full of the taste from Hokkaido sea.



Hanasaki Kani Miso Yaki: Kani Miso cooked in the shell is the most popular choice when visiting Sushi Hokkaido Sachi, but more upgraded when adding Hanasaki crab meat blended with special sauce recipe. This enhances the perfection of the famous dish. 



Hanasaki Salad: With a wide range of dishes made from Hanasaki crab, customers are rebalanced with fresh green vegetables from Sushi Hokkaido Sachi’ farm – sweet and sour tomato sauce – altogether with the premium crab meat of Hanasaki is surely the choice you cannot miss.  


Hanasaki Crab - A special seasonal specialty of Hokkaido, Japan - is ready to serve customers at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi Restaurant. Each dish made from crab Hanasaki has a distinct flavor, blending with the taste of the sea, fresh in each type of ingredients which carefully chosen by Japanese Headchef. Experiencing Japanese cuisine with quality service is what Sushi Hokkaido Sachi always aim to deliver to customers in Vietnam.


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