<span>What's different about Japan's winter specialties & year-end atmosphere at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi?</span>

'On days when the weather changes like that, I also reward myself with a little bit of year-end atmosphere left over, put on a warm coat, go to a familiar Japanese restaurant and discover the seasonal menu that has just arrived on the occasion of winter.'


Winter party with 4 top quality ingredients selected and processed by Japanese Head Chef into 6 delicious dishes.


The frozen days are when whitefish is in its best season. The sweet, low-fat fish is balanced with the most expensive dipping sauce from the fish liver, when the elegant flavor blends in the rich fatty sauce, Kawahagi is in at the best time of the season.


Enjoying Sashimi with a dipping sauce made from the fish liver is the best experience for the whitefish super product at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi.
‘I choose to eat alone like the Japanese do, like the Ohitorisama culture is still creeping into Japanese restaurants in Vietnam. Choose a table in front of the cold kitchen to be lucky enough to see Japanese chefs preparing Ankimo for my meal by their hand.’


Elegant taste, soft texture, melts on the tongue, not overpowering but balanced with the sour taste of Ponzu, Ankimo is Monkfish liver - a special ingredient when storing energy for a year-long and delicious taste for this winter.



Enjoy Magaki Sashimi the same way you usually eat small rock shell oysters, but stay longer than the fat of the milk belly, the sourness of fresh lemon and the zest of Wasabi - by the fragrant Magaki oysters the best at the moment.


Grilled food is hot even while sitting in the open kitchen, watching the fish dishes in the ice-cold bowl, outside in the wind and Magaki Cheese Yaki is a gift for you right now.
Add a warm fatty barbecue for winter days, when Magaki fills its belly with grilled milk and Miso sauce with enough fat - fragrant - salty - sweet.


Confused when first tasting Shirako - it's a signature dish of Japanese winter - cod testicles. An ingenious break when Shirako joins the delicious menu in the coldest season of the year, because a hot dish with a sweet, fatty, and soft taste like a piece of butter is the best thing on a cold windy day with a glass full of warm Sake wine.


Going back to the last days of the year, enjoying some of these delicious dishes, whether alone or sitting together, really enjoy the festive atmosphere, in a familiar favorite place, sipping some delicious dishes seasonal can only meet once a year.


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