<span>Challenge of making 'big size' salmon up to 16kg with a Japanese chef at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi</span>



Did you know, the best salmon in the world is sourced from the Atlantic Ocean and Norway is one of the countries with a strong supply around the world.


At Sushi Hokkaido Sachi, we have just imported a huge line of Jumbo Fish up to 16kg, it takes 7-8 years to create an adult fish in very small quantities and it will take many years to meet again this special line of fish.


Put on the table 2 types of Fish 6-7kg and Jumbo Fish 16kg.


Each average salmon at the restaurant usually weighs 06 - 07kg, this time Jumbo Fish has nearly 3 times the normal weight. Special texture by being intensively raised in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, with a separate diet, the fish has a superior and more special flavor than normal fish.


The chef will start from the preliminary processing of scales and proceed to cut the fish from a large block.


Remove fish bones in every fiber.


Fillet the fish and the vibrant orange flesh are gradually separated.


Each slice of fish has a beautiful iridescent orange color, white veins hidden in the firm, glossy flesh.


Uncle Yoneda at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi is instructing TikTokers to cut salmon.


Hand-cut thick slices of fish to prepare for Salmon Sashimi from the 16kg Jumbo Fish line only available at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi.


Fresh, bold or brilliant are the adjectives that people think of when they see each slice of beautiful iridescent orange salmon.


Each enjoyment is a touch of the quintessence, in addition to the skillful techniques of the chef, the brightest point is still the explosive flavor in the Jumbo Fish line of salmon up to 16kg, with extremely small quantities appeared at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi.


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