<span>Tsukidashi culture and some snack options at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi</span>

When each slice of sashimi is being cut carefully, each perfect square of rolls is being prepared by our chef, then Tsukidashi is served first as a snack to enjoy while waiting for the main dish.  


In Japan, Tsukidashi is a cultural in the Izakaya (Japanese style bar) with different names depending on the area. In Kanto, it is known as "Otooshi", while "Tsukidashi" originates from Kansai.  


A side dish but still fine and fancy, serving hot at the table, fragrant grilled dishes or roasted nuts with salt for you to enjoy while chatting. Especially, you can elevate Tsukidashi when sipping with cold beer in summer or warm sake in winter.  


Yaki Gyoza



Japanese style dimsum with thin crust and pork, shallot, cabbage,... in a semicircular shape and grilled in the pan until golden brown in both sides. 





Kibinago, also known as Japanese anchovies, with translucent body, little fat and delicious slight sweet taste. Crispy tempura fish, adding some lime juices, tastes its best when dipping in the fatty attractive Mayonnaise.   





Fresh green beans covered with salt, separating the seeds to eat have become familiar not only for the Japanese, but also with the world. Whole Japanese Soybean, a little salty on the outside, but sweet inside, full of nutrients in beautiful green seeds. 


Yaki Ginnan  



Salt roasted ginkgo, each grain is soft, slightly sticky, lightly scented, buttery with a little bitter, also known as the ‘miracle' of health.



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