<span>In Japan, there is a beautiful pink fin fish like a cherry blossom, only available in spring</span>

If you love Japan, enjoy spring and are enchanted by cherry blossoms - Have you tried the 'seasonal' menu at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi before traveling to Japan during the most beautiful time of the year?


Admire the spring scenery at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi, with Houbou fish, Sakura Ebi, and Hotaru Ika as ingredients chosen by the Japanese chef for the menu in the first months of the year.


Choose a seat at the bar counter and witness the chef paint the spring picture 'Houbou Sugata Zukuri' - a beautiful pink fin resembling wings along with tender pink meat resembling the color of spring flowers.


As a rare white-meat fish that spawns during the most beautiful time of the year in spring, Houbou is chosen to be processed as Sashimi to maintain its freshness, firm texture, and umami flavor that bursts in the mouth.


Spring specialty Sakura Ebi - a 'small but mighty' pink shrimp that has its special festival held on May 3 every year at Yui port in Shizuoka province.


Experience Sakura Ebi for the first time - Japan's spring season encapsulated in its name, with a bright red color shining through its shiny shell.


Try Sakura Ebi crispy fried using the Kakiage method or cooked with rice to create a rich, fragrant, and subtly sweet taste that becomes more delicious the longer it's chewed.


Every spring, Toyama Bay lights up the sky with firefly squid that has the magical ability to glow. Squids small, soft-bodied are served hot with Sumiso sauce, making them a spring delicacy alongside cherry blossoms.


Fresh and light taste, rich Miso or fragrant and creamy cheese - Which Magaki version will you choose to complete your spring feast?


Right now, if you haven't had the chance to travel to Japan, Sushi Hokkaido Sachi invites you to come and enjoy the spring scenery and flavors of Japan encapsulated in a seasonal menu that only appears once a year.



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