<span>Hoang Yen Chibi, Ms Viet Nam Do My Linh and Sam enjoying Kagami Biraki - a Japanese traditional ceremony</span>

For the first time, the three beautiful and talented: Hoang Yen Chibi, Miss Viet Nam - Do My Linh and Sam all joined together at the Grand Opening event of Sushi Hokkaido Sachi. As the three standing closely together, our fan really cannot decide who is the prettiest of them all.


On 23rd August night, the three Hoang Yen Chibi, Miss Viet Nam – Do My Linh and Sam outstandingly showed up at the Grand Opening event of Sushi Hokkaido Sachi Crescent Mall outlet. Although this was the first time they met, the three beautiful and talented girls had a really interesting conversation and even shared about their upcoming projects.


The high-standard Japanese chain of restaurant Sushi Hokkaido Sachi won the trust of food lovers and continued to introduce their new branch with lots of updated items in the menu. As a big fan of Japanese cuisine, despite the tight schedules, Hoang Yen Chibi, Miss Viet Nam Do My Linh and Sam made their time to attend together and experienced the new restaurant.



The three excitedly joined the Kagami Biraki – the Japanese traditional ceremony. This is a traditional culture of the Japanese that means to bring fortune and good lucks.



Our beautiful ladies were not only excited with the Japanese tradition but also a big fan of Japanese cuisine. The three felt in love with sashimi at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi, and their favourite was Maguro Deluxe. This special sashimi dish includes tuna, salmon and amaebi sweet shrimp. All Japanese quintessence converges in a dish, all fresh, naturally sweet and tasty that you cannot resist, slowly melting in your mouth.


At the event, Hoang Yen Chibi showed up mistery with full black outfit adding on a LV bag. Miss Viet Nam Do My Linh continued to charm her fan with a dress from Phuong My fashion designer. Last but not least, Sam came in a luxury style with a see-through sequin dress that adored the woman’s natural curves. Without planning, they all chose natural, but attractive makeup styles.

When Do My Linh and Sam heard about Hoang Yen Chibi’s new movie, they congrated her and promised they would go watch it.




As a response for the supporting spirit of her two friends, Hoang Yen Chibi treated Do My Linh and Sam best dishes on the sushi table. This moment really excited us because of their closeness.


Among the ladies, Sam is the biggest fan off Japanese cuisine that she constantly shared interesting facts about the food here. Sam also shared, Japanese food is low fat, fresh and contain high nutrition that good for health, and also a secret to her beauty without aging.



At the moment, Sam is considered one of the actress – MC with good reputation. In order to maintain this, she always puts effort on her look at every event. Sam said: “As a celebrity, Sam understands that Sam always has to refresh the style, if Sam of tomorrow has nothing different from Sam of today, then Sam might not be able to stand in this showbiz world with more and more new talents.” She also shared that she was practicing martial arts for her movie project at the end of this year. Tired, but she always kept her smile through the event and share her high expectation on this big project.


Hoang Yen Chibi is successful in her role as an actress that many fan wonder if she would turn into a full time actress or not. She shared: “Yen started with music, being loved as a singer so Yen would tries to maintain both as a time. Filming brings Yen opportunities to live so many lives and earn various experiences. This helps Yen when singing songs required deeper feelings. After some movie projects, definitely Yen would come back with music and will not keep fan waiting any longer. And Yen’s also planning to start a business, but Yen will announce this when everything’s ready.”


After “Cuoc Dua Ky Thu”, Miss Viet Nam Do My Linh received a lot of attention from viewers. Of course, there’re still opposing viewpoints when rumours said the show prioritised her too much. My Linh straightly shared: “Linh thinks every team in the show has their own responsibility. In my opinion, Linh and Linh’s team tried our best to finish every race. What Linh wants is to bring different color to the fan, more than just a Miss Viet Nam. Linh only participated in gameshow so definitely  there might be some mistakes but Linh hopes Linh would have more chances to challenge Linh’s self, at other aspects as well. Besides, Linh will continue with social responsibility projects and spread sharing values.”


After a cozy diner together, Do My Linh also learn more from Hoang Yen Chibi and Sam about acting as well as participating in gameshow . The beauty queen really impressed with acting skill of the two and hopefully would have a chance to try this field soon. The three also shared that they had same hobies like makeup, fashion and even food.


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