<span>The ‘unique’ Shirako of Japan enhance menfolk’s health</span>

The ‘unique’ Shirako of Japan enhance menfolk’s health, it has a greasy taste, the immediately melting flavor when enjoyed, which are the favorite choice of the Japanese male. 


Kawahagi – the masterpiece white-meat fish of winter


Kawahagi is famous not only for the alike pufferfish flesh, however important that the most delicious fish season, especially in winter. The white-meat fish species live across the Japanese coast and the Seto inland sea, bringing the most special taste into the cold season.


Whereas the flesh contains high protein, less fat, rich vitamin B along with calcium, then the fish liver – one of the most appetizing and expensive parts of Kawahagi – has the fat amount that reaches the maximum and the most growth in the winter.


Enjoying Sashimi with sauce from the fish liver is the most wonderful experience for the masterpiece of white-meat fish at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi. The talented feature of the chef is neatly wrapped in fish fillet procedure, every single piece of fish is evenly separated without being broken apart – the last highlight that remain the flavor in the special sauce.



Magaki – the milk of the ocean, the strange but similar dish of “the gourmet”


The name ‘sea ocean’ is derived from the nutritious content in this oyster species, with the protein, lipid, and other minerals relative to the nutrient values of milk. Besides, Magaki is rich in Taurine and zinc – the two active elements that assist to improve taste disorder, maintain health, which is the high valued ingredient in fortifying and building a balanced healthy diet.


Especially, the value of Magaki is in Glycogen content accumulation – a fat branch is produced from oysters when they live in the cold-water region and melting ice, which is manifested in the cream color of the oysters when contained much Glycogen.



3 oyster dishes with 3 different processing styles, under the Japanese chef’s talented hands at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi, will bring the fresh pure flavor into Magaki Sashimi, grilled with greasy cheese in the version of Cheese Yaki and Miso Yaki.



Ankimo – ‘foie gras’ of the East


Ankimo is the delicious part of monkfish liver – the ocean fish species live in a deep-water region with the feature of nutrition remain in the liver under the form of fat. Whereas the Anko flesh is less in fat, light-tasted, rich in protein, then Ankimo liver contains the content of lipid, vitamin, and high mineral.


Compared to ‘the foie gras of the ocean’, Ankimo only reaches the most delicious taste in the winter, when the stored energy after a long year of development has created the greasy taste and the featured odor for this dish.



Shirako – the ‘strange’ dish which is the favored choice of Japanese male


Shirako features a greasy creamy taste, hot steamed with vegetables, diverse kinds of mushrooms, and combined with light-sour Ponzu sauce which is the health complementary dish hunted by Japanese women for the menfolk.


The ‘strange’ Shirako of Japan assists to enhance the menfolk’s health, which is favorably chosen by the males. Shirako is also called cod testicles possessing high nutrients, the flavor and taste are immediately melted when enjoyed.


Shirako - the cod testicles are the high-class ingredients only available in the winter when the fish reaches the maximum dimension and most delicious. This can be considered as the golden stage for the fish’s reproduction processes, therefore, the quality and the flavor are great. Enjoying Shirako when it’s still hot at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi will be one of the most interesting experiences for the diners.



‘What is the delicious dish in this season?’ menu is served at all Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurants. Let’s enjoy the taste of Japanese winter with the masterpieces from the cold-water region only available once a year.



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