<span>The meaning of specical ingredients on Japanese’s cuisine </span>

Always care about every meal nutrition, Japanese carefully choose each ingradient to process. Each ingredient has a special layer of meaning, processed to the attractive meals and served in any special event in Japan.


Shrimp (Ebi) – Wishing live to be old


A humpback shrimp with a long pincer and beard can’t be indispensable in a tray for Japanese Tet. The image of shrimp Ebi symbolizes the wish for health, longevity until the back is cuffed and the beard is long. Besides that, the red of shrimp also expresses a lucky new year and leaves the bad luck in the old year.


Tenagaebi Mentai Yaki 


Cod fish spawn (Mentai) – A well-to-do family


Living in the cold water area and the depth upto 900 meter, Cod fish has a high nutritious content and is looked for by gourmet.


Mentai Tamago Yaki


Along with the herd breeding behaviour, Mentai represents the desire for prosperity and family reunion. With many benefits for health and the senses, Cod fish spawn is an indispensable ingredient on Tet holiday and the daily meals of Japanese families.


Tai fish – The lucky red


Tai – is also known as red sea bream, a popular ingredient on congratulation parties, the special days and the gift offers for God on important holidays.


Tai Usuzukuri Sashimi


In Japan, ‘Medetai’ means congratulation, the Tai dishes on Tet show the desire about luck and progressive career which is prayed when picking up fish meat with chopsticks.


Tofu – Brimful of health


Being named ‘The land of tofu’, the Japanese cuisine absolutely can’t lack Tofu on Tet holiday.


Tezukuri Tofu


Soybean is famous for super food with many health benefits. Any bean is chosen carefully, cautiously and made meticulous to create white and regular in shape Tofu. Tofu on Tet holiday expresses wishing a new year with brimful of health.


Komochi Nishin – crowded family


The combination between DHA content of herring and Omega 3 of flying fish spawn – created super food for your health.


Komochi Nishin Sashimi


Kimochi Nisshin not only has a high nutrition, but also brings the special meaning of Tet. Every herring slice is suitably pressed with thousand spawns, which represents the desire of a crowded and prosperous family.



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