<span>Enjoy the fullest taste of summer menu at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi</span>

Sushi Hokkaido Sachi proudly brings you fresh and tasty dishes with selected ingredients to add in this year's summer menu.


Summer in Japan - season of joy and fun


Summer in Japan is attractive in a unque way, golden sunshine filling in the space, the wind carrying chill air from the North, brilliant flowers blooming, green tree all along the road and the season of the most bustling festivals around the year.  


Seasonal dishes in Japanese cuisine, summer in Japan, not an exception, welcomes the source of rich-nutrient seafood from the ocean -the gift from spring, when things are blooming. Among the high-grade ingredients, Sushi Hokkaido Sachi chooses the high quality source to put in this year's summer menu, which brings fresh food for diners  to enjoy the taste of Japanese summer cuisine from Japan.


Meichidai - the rare fish that being chased for each summer


The quantity of Meichidai fish is limited in summer that Japanese food lovers are seeking for its subtle flavor of white meat fish, sweet and fatty in a special way.  


The breeding season of Meichidai, when the fish tastes its best, is in about 2-3 summer months. The white, chewy, sweet and tender fish is made into 3 dishes by Sushi Hokkaido Sachi Head Chef.

The Meichidai fish's fillet process is carried by Japanese Head Chef, serving customers the fresh and standard meichidai sashimi.  


Meichidai Usuzukuri Sashimi is sliced thinly, which stimulates your taste when used with light sour ponzu sauce, grinding radish mixed with chili powder and chopped green onions.  


The rice ball topping with neta layer is Meichidai, which is slightly grilled til medium rare, tastes like summer with hot wasabi and a little shouyu sauce.


Isaki - luxury white meat fish in South Japan


Isaki is the white meat fish belonging to rare goods, exquisite taste, sweet flesh, softly fats. The fish has a red color layer hidden behind its thin skin, only can be found in the warm waters stream of south Japan.  


Isaki sashimi with 5 pieces, traditionally sliced in thick pieces, decor beautifully on plates with sprouts, grape seaweed, wasabi...  


Isaki fillet can be decored with its beautiful bones, the tail spreading like summer flower.


Ayu - when you see Ayu, you see summer  


Ayu is the famous freshwater fish from the land of Tang. Ayu is born in autumn, drifting into the sea in winter, upstreaming the lines and living in the upstream rivers in spring, so that their flavour is sweet and pure. As Ayu is mature, it appears a lot in freshwater rivers, the Japanese knows that summer has come.  


Ayu Shioyaki - the rich sweetness of natural fish combines with the saltiness when grilled with salt as an annual feast on the summer, squeeze on some lime juice and enjoy with cool beer to feel the summer flavor on the table at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi.  


Katsu Uni – the value “ginseng” of the ocean


Uni is a special treat from the ocean when summer comes, with soft texture, mild sweetness, light briny like the ocean and taste better when enjoying as the form of sashimi.  


At Sushi Hokkaido Sachi, Uni is kept alive to keep the original freshness of the ocean treat, chef skillfully handle the top, clean, keep the shell and served with wasabi. When you taste it, Uni melts in your mouth, brings out the fatty and sweet, mixed with the savory of seafood and ends up with a slight spicy flavor.  


The summer menu is officially available at all Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurant from 12/06/2020. Enjoy Japanese cuisine style with us – with the special seasonal menu that only occurs once a year.











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