<span>Enjoy cold-season delicacies without travelling to Japan</span>

Seasonal dishes, the specialties of the time or dishes that are only available on some occasion of the year, wrapped in them both culture and the sense of the season. Nowhere else can you find that seasonal food is leveraged up and deeply welcome as in Japan.


The Japanese are devoted to natural reverence and appreciation. They esteem every gift of nature with gratitude, starting with the fragrant and sticky sushi rice or sake that strongly influences food lovers all over the world.


In November 11, early snowflakes and the cold visited, bringing along nutritious delicacies, with the flavor also catalyzed by the feeling of gathering to await the moment of transferring to another year.


Let's discover the best of Japanese winter food:


Magaki Oyster


Oysters are no longer an unfamiliar dish to the Vietnamese, but there must be a special reason why Magaki becomes the soul-bearing dish of winter.


Not only has 'super giant' size, but also does Magaki Sashimi brings the aromatic sweetness that represents ‘the milk of the ocean’.


The first impression of Magaki comes from their 'super huge' size. 1 Big Magaki Oyster is 3 TIMES BIGGER than the usual oysters. Absorbing nutrients from the Hokkaido sea, Magaki is filled with milk belly, sweet and smell really good.


Magaki Oyster milk so that was compared to 'Milk of the ocean'. Two ways of eating this dish are enjoyed more than ever by the Japanese. If Magaki Sashimi is added some lime, decorated with a little grinding radish and chili powder, then dip into Shouyu sauce, fresh and outstanding taste.


Magaki baked with butter, more aromatic and even more delicious!


Cheese Magaki Yaki - grilled oysters with fatty cheese that smell really good. Western culture has arrived in Japan quite late, but the Japanese always know how to make use of their ingredients so that they become various and attractive.


Shirako Mushi


Shirako – or the testicles of cod, is one of the 'strange' ingredients that Japanese women hunt for to compensate for the man. Loved by the Japanese with its fatty taste soft and creamy like butter, Shirako melts immediately in your mouth.


Shirako Mushi – Strange but very addictive dish


Shirako is most delicious and maximizing its use of nutrients when infused with mushrooms, carrot, and spinach. Keeping the whole nutrient of the nutritious materials, it also warms up the body when used as soon as it is hot.


Kawahagi Sashimi


Kawahagi in Japan are often caught in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. Only in winter does Kawahagi taste the most delicious. This fish is fat, fleshy and also carry higher fat content that good for health. Familiar and also the best way to enjoy Kawahagi, the Japanese will make Kawahagi Sashimi.


With high content of fish fat, Kawahagi Sashimi is the delicious dish of Japanese winter


You can enjoy all the dishes mentioned above in the Winter Menu at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi Restaurant. With fresh ingredients imported directly from Japan and prepared by Japanese Headchefs with over 20 years of experience, Sushi Hokkaido Sachi always proud of  the seasonal dishes that closest to Japanese cuisine. The delicious winter delicacies selected from regions of Japan, are included in the special menu to serve you in the restaurant.


The winter Menu will be officially launched at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi Restaurant from November 11. Don't miss out on seasonal delicacies that available only once a year.


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