<span>The appropriate hotpot for End-year gathering (Part 2)</span>

If Wagyu beef is a renowned dish attracting foreign visitors, and the people who have the passion for tasting the delicious food of the world, which has contributed to the fame of Japanese cuisine, then fish is also the traditional dish possessing the spiritual values that associate with the living of The Land Of Rising Sun's people thoroughly the nation's history.  


Apart from the nutritious beef hotpot, Sushi Hokkaido Sachi utilizes natural seafood sources that are directly imported from Japan for the diversity of hotpot pleasing our customers.  


Kaisen Nabe - The full of nutrients in seafood hotpot  


The cuisine culture of Japan is illustrious for the healthy, frugal nutrition, with dishes from the ingredients across the nation's regions. Utilizing the natural resources from the major fishery, fish-catching at the right season, processing into the delicious dishes only available in the specific time of the year, creating the culture of seasonal courses rooted in the cuisine of Japan.  



A hotpot from Karamiso broth will deliver the amazing experience in the chilling weather - Kaisen Nabe with the flavorful broth, pleasant to taste associating to the perfect combination between the layers of flavors creating the unique broth which is full of spicy-sour-sweet, appropriate to enjoy together at the end of the year - festival season.  


Salmon Shabu Shabu - A salmon hotpot with greasy broth


Salmon Sashimi, roll rice, or grills - the inseparable puzzles of Japanese cuisine, now will be varied into the main ingredient in the hot Shabu Shabu - both novel and familiar.  


Dipping the thinly salmon slice into the boiling pot, contemplating the moment of beauty when the orange shade of salmon turns into the light-pink, feeling the nutritious value from the perfect greasy with the light flavor of Dashi Konbu broth making Salmon Shabu Shabu becoming more delicious, and full-of-nutrition than ever. 



Apart from Dashi Konbu, Karamiso is the slightly spicy broth which is faintly the greasy aroma of miso combining with the salmon - an undeniable appeal under the chilling weather of the days' ending year.  


Hata Nabe - The plentiful seafood resource from Japan ocean  


Japan is one of the nations possessing the largest fish consumption in the world, owing to the advantageous terrain surrounded by the ocean. From that taking full advantage of the natural resources from the sea and bringing to the traditional dishes, typically is Nabe culture with the main ingredients from fish, in it, the white-meat Grouper has to be mentioned.  


Grouper meat has a slight flavor intermixing with a light sensation of sweetness, which is ‘the panacea' preventing several diseases, appropriate to foster health, now is available at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi under the form of Hata Nabe hotpot.



Apart from the plentiful nutrient source, the white-meat grouper can combine perfectly with both light-sweet Dashi Konbu and greasy spicy Karamiso, remaining the delicious flavor and nutrition of grouper.


Zuwai Kani Dobin Mushi - The cuisine novel experience


Zuwai Kani Miso Yaki - a dish that has contributed to the fame of Sushi Hokkaido Sachi, then Zuwai Kani Dobin Mushi leaves an unforgettable impression in the dinners with the unique decoration - the soup is contained in the porcelain teapot with the fresh seafood, pleasant to taste. It will be an interesting experience for the dinners to both enjoy and feel the subtlety of Japanese cuisine. 




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