<span>Tezukuri Tofu – The quintessence of Japan Cuisine </span>

Being one of the classic dishes of Japanese, every piece of Tezukuri Tofu is forward to the subtlety of flavors, colors, even shapes.


Bean curd or known as tofu, is a long-standing traditional food from China. Been through 2.000 years, this simple dish has been welcomed at every place in the world. Vietnamese gourmets are may familiar to traditional Soybean Pudding with sugar-syrup on the streets, Korean Kimchi Soup, flavorful Szechuan Tofu, or the cups of cooling Matcha Tofu.


At the land of Rising Sun, Tofu is the dish borrowed from the other countries, however, with the beauty moral value, and profound traditional philosophy, each artist has blown the distinctive standards into Tofu the subtlety of flavors, colors, and the shapes, for every encounter will leave the gourmets an interesting feeling as meeting a new friend.  



The story from the ancient times tells that to make Tofu, the ancient people had to choose the fresh, firm, and glowing beans picked from trees, soaked in the water, left overnight, and purred. The reached-standard milk will be ready for the frozen phase. Especially, to keep the fresh flavor and full nutrition, the beans must be steeped in pure mineral water from Kyoto (the capital of Tofu in Japan).


Throughout thousands of years, the strict Japanese chefs still loyal to the hand-made Tofu, since they believe only the meticulous hands can create the batches of Tofu with the fullest flavor.


Tezukuri Tofu is one of the classic Japan Tofu, both beautiful inside, and outside. Instead of fries and sauce-cooked, Tofu steamed keeping the nutritious value and flavors. Every Tofu is required to reach the standards of colors, sized, and even the firmness. The chefs always know to create the beautiful white Tofu, evenly decorated on the plates which are harmonious, not too soft or hard, and the Tofu should not be broken even the smallest piece will not meet the standard.



Of course, Shooyu and Salmon are the indispensable dishes in Japanese cuisine, It will never be enough for those ingredients to be repetitive. The Salmon evenly square sliced with tomatoes, avocadoes, mixed with shooyu, seagrapes, and shredded radish.  


To not leave the effects on the element group of fruits, Salmon must ensure the absolute fresh, chewy, and firmness even in a small single piece. Only the aforementioned factors show even Tofu or Tezukuri, the dishes will never receive the permissiveness from the cherry blossom artists.  


In Vietnam, Tezukuri is skillfully kneaded from the hands of more-than-30-years Japanese chefs at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi. Every chef here had gone through the training process following the criteria in Japan, monitored by a veteran Japanese chef. The main ingredients are imported from Japan and superior suppliers from domestic locals.


The restaurant spaces are traditional-japan decorated, creating comfortable feeling, elaborately subtle, for each time the customers come to the restaurant is a new experience of the cuisine, culture, and the living lifestyle of Japanese people.



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