<span>Japanese Sake – A thousand-year secret for health & beauty

To be organized in about 300 B.C when the wet rice culture was introduced in Japan, beginning for the cuisine era with the main ingredient from rice, the development of Sake wine culture is famous for the aristocracy at that time.


‘Where has the good source of water, it has the best delicious Sake”. The type of rice, the water supply, the alcohol yeast with the recipe of the winemaker – built the reputation and position of Sake wines for the mind of gourmets.


Kinusara – Smooth like as silky


To be refined from Shizuoka’s water, Aichi’s rice with the unique alcohol yeast recipe, included 43,5 billion Probiotic for improving digestive system, strengthening health and making the inside beauty. 



To enjoy the subtle flavour of Japanese dishes, Kinusara was created by original sweet of rice, combined with the slightly sour taste of Koji alcohol yeast, the delicate flavor of fruit - is considered the fresher wine with cheery aftertaste, suitable for savouring with Yakiniku.


(6% concentration of Kinusara is smelled strongly when enjoying the excellent beef with meltable Marbling, smooth-aromatic-fatty and leave the unfogetable aftertaste.)


* Tokachi Gyu Sumiyaki & Kinusara:  


Tokachi beef is the special brand of Tokachi’s farmer, Hokkaido. Bull beef of Holstein dairy breeds are looked after by Wagyu beef caring technology, combined with unique tips of native farmers – adding some herbs for helping smooth beef but less fat and specially delicious.



Among many ways to enjoy beef, Sumiyaki (charcoal grill) is one of the most popular way in Japan, with well-cooked grilled beef, a thin layer of fat melted into the pink meat. All is balanced with the delicate aftertaste of Kinusara rice wine.


Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo – Mellow like as velvet


Junmai Daigingo of Dassai brand is the most luxurious Sake wine which has Seimaibuai (rice polishing rate) low, is produced in Yamaguchi and famous for gourmet when using the best rice – Yamada Nishiki – specialized ingredient to produce Sake wine.


Name ‘Dassai 39’ means the rice core volume is polished leftover 39% of the original size to obtain the amount of starch which creates the finest and purest wine flavor.



Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo is the combination of sweet rice and fruit aroma from banana, apple & mango. Luxurious Sake of Dassai brand is always recommended with Sashimi to make awesome flavor.


* Goshumori Special & Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo:



A beginning way to adapt and familiarize with Sake wine is going from mild to strong flavor, starting with Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo with a subtle, delicate flavor when combined with a special 5-type Goshumori Special sashimi set. The Junmai Daiginjo should be enjoyed at ambient temperature, when the Sashimi is refrigerated and Sake likes as a catalyst to balance the flavor and leave a mellow aftertaste.


Shokan Bijin – deeply passionate


Shoken Bijin is a famous Sake wine which is made by Ginpuu rice - traditional rice for making Sake wine in Hokkaido. Name ‘Shokan’ means the using the purest source of water from Shokanbetsudake moutain’s ice melting – one of 2 areas has the best quality rice in Japan – Hokkaido with original natural flavor.



Shokan Bijin has a fresh flavor, slightly sour taste and intense aftertaste – an indispensable choice when enjoying all kinds of Sushi to balance the flavors.


* Special Sushi Set & Shokan Bijin



Aroma of the fresh fruit, the combination of slight sour taste and sweet flavor of rice can feel from the first shot. Pure rice flavor in Shokan Bijin is upgraded and tally with Sushi, from mild to strong dishes; enjoy from the raw dishes to the cooked meal is the Japanese way when savoring a Sushi Set.



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