<span>The appropriate hotpot for the end-year gathering (Part 1)</span>

Under the chilling atmosphere at this particular moment in time, there is nothing more idealistic than gathering together with your beloved ones next to a hotpot with steam spiraling up. Just temporarily leave the busy flow of work aside, sitting down together, having yourself several slices of beef, enjoying the flavorful aroma of the stock, sharing the best parts for the others.


Sukiyaki is a renowned hotpot dominant in Japanese cuisine with the ingredients of nutritious vegetables, leek, shiitake mushroom, shirataki noodles, and the feature of Sukiyaki is thinly-sliced beef dipped slightly in the broth, then dresses with the well-mixed egg yolk - a delicate dish processed from the simple ingredients, however, is great in subtlety, illustrating the spiritual beauty of the Japanese.


What makes Sukiyaki distinct from the other hotpots is the broth cooked from Japanese soy sauce which is reasonably seasoned by the natural sensation of the sweet taste of Mirin sauce. All of that has created a flavorful taste of Sukiyaki, however, not even salty the broth has, which is appropriate to the taste of diners who possess an extra passion for Japanese cuisine.


Wagyu Sukiyaki


Wagyu Sukiyaki uses Wagyu of the black cattle - the high-class cow breed famous in Japan due to the proportion of Marbling fats scattering in the pinkish cherry-red slices of beef along with their featured flavor. The content of fat is extremely high owing to the nutrients of Omega-3 and Omega-6 leveraged Wagyu up the first-class expensive beef amongst all kinds of meat, therefore, Wagyu is highly welcomed by the gourmet. 



Wagyu Sukiyaki hot pot uses simple ingredients combined with the top-ranking Wagyu which are both aromatic and good for health. 


Tokachi Gyu Sukiyaki


Different from Wagyu, Tokachi beef are rather softer, less in fat, however, they remain the unique flavorful taste thanks to the exclusive cattle-raising methods of the residents complementing the nutritious herbs, and Wagyu farming technology, bringing the true color of Japanese beef from Tokachi to Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurant system. 



The hotpot broth is aromatic of mushrooms, faintly the natural smell of herbs which will be served directly on the table. Dipping the Wagyu in the boiling broth, then dip it in the egg yolk and enjoying the greasy flavor of egg with the soft melting Tokachi in the mouth left the sweetness aftertaste.


Black Angus Sukiyaki


The delicious Sukiyaki under the version of high-class US beef - Black Angus Prime, which the beef is directly imported from the US to Vietnam. In order to retain the original flavor and the color of Black Angus, Sushi Hokkaido Sachi has applied the methods of frozen instead of chilling for the perfect succulence of the meat.



The broth of Black Angus Sukiyaki is sweet, rich in flavors from US beef, stewed from mushrooms along with many herbs that have nutrients essential for health - a perfect combination for a nutritious hotpot which is suitable to enjoy together in the cold weather.


Gyu Shabu Shabu Nabe


If Sukiyaki is a renowned cuisine in the culture of Japan, then Shabu Shabu is the traditional dish possessing the Asian spiritual beauty, and also the momentum of the diners who have an endless passion for hotpots.



Shabu Shabu is the traditional broth of Japan, using the natural ingredients from vegetables, fresh mushrooms, tofus, and others creating a sweet and natural broth from dried shaved fish and #Kombu seaweed. Additionally, the broth combines with the subtle flavor of Wagyu - all of which has made the delicate hotpot which is appropriate to enjoy with the beloved ones in the year-end festivals.



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