<span>Have you tried Hanasaki crab that are currently trending in Viet Showbiz?</span>

The interest of female stars when enjoying this crab made people curious about its special attraction


Hanasaki is a type of crab caught in Hokkaido, a four-sided island with a special climate that makes Hokkaido the largest aquaculture in Japan. And Hanasaki is currently available at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurant.



As a restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine, Sushi Hokkaido Sachi serve a wide variety of sushi, sashimi with many kinds of seafood. However, prominent among hundreds of cuisines, the Hanasaki crab is attracting a lot of visitors to enjoy and check in, especially the female stars of Vietnamese Showbiz.



Hanasaki crab is classified as a seasonal specialty that you must try when visiting Sushi Hokkaido Sachi on this occasion. The boiled crab shell is red as a blossoming flower, sweet and fatty meat, thin shells, not only attracted by its outside beauty, but also by its flavor inside. Hanasaki is an expensive, rare crab that is only caught once a year, so not everyone in Japan can have a chance to try.


Hanasaki Crab is made into 02 dishes: Hanasaki Kani Sashimi (Hanasaki crab Sashimi) and Hanasaki Kani Yaki (roasted Hanasaki crab). The whole section of crab meat is cooked and preserved on cold ice, some parts of the crab shell is kept as decoration, wrapping the crab meat to keep its freshness. This cool weather, sudden rainy days in Saigon, is suitable for customers to enjoy crab meat grilled on red hot charcoal stove. When the crab ripes, its fragrant from the meat blends with crab shell that full of the taste from Hokkaido sea.  


Hanasaki crab is a seasonal dish, only available around October to November annually, which is hunted by the food lovers. Perhaps the particularly fresh flavor and eye-catching appearance have attracted the passionate followers of culinary, including actresses, famous singers who must once come to enjoy. 



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