<span>Catch the 'autumn blooming' trend with the Queen Crab only once a year</span>

Catch the 'autumn blooming' trend with the Queen crab only once a year




This fall, not only come with nuggets coffee but also a flower dining table trend with Hanasaki crab once a year at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi.
Fall shipments carry fresh ingredients, making the long journey back to Vietnam just in time to serve diners. Sushi Hokkaido Sachi always pursues the mission of providing delicious dishes in the right season at the right time, so that customers can fully experience true seasonal dishes like in Japan.
As being passionated with the melted savoury flavor of grilled crab shell, the 'rare version’ of it will become even more captivating at autumn. Crab meat, milk cream, and melted cheese sizzle inside the grilled crab shell release the aroma over the charcoal stove.
Suddenly passing those last months of the year, entering the gentle but also hastily romantic season, an intersection between weather and mood, just want to keep that beautiful corner of autumn in our heart. 
Hanasaki covers with a bright red-orange color like a flower in full bloom. Everyone comes for check in during the blooming season on dining table with unique photos. 
Sushi Hokkaido Sachi’ loyal customers are excited to be one of the first to try this fall's Hanasaki.
Instant crab meat is hidden in a thorny orange peel, absorbing Kombu fresh water, so it has a special flavor. Crab meat is firm, sweet, and bursts with flavor when dipped into spicy Shouyu and Wasabi sauce.
'I've eaten many types of Sashimi, but this year I just tried Hanasaki Crab. It is said that this name means blooming flower, which also fits the shape and color of this dish very well.'


Autumn is complete like this, when you can immerse yourself in delicious dishes and in the hustle and bustle last months of the year.



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