Every course is representative of each season, the seasonal specialties or the dishes only appear on occasion of the year, bringing all the culture and the perceived feeling of seasons. Unlike the other nations, seasonal courses are the features that are always deeply welcomed since Japan – where the people respect the Nature, and toward the fresh ingredient sources at the moment the season begins to turn.


If the flower lovers - Sakura only contemplate its beauty on the occasion of Spring, then definitely, the food lovers cannot miss the ingredients which only appear once when Autumn comes to its season. Among the superior ingredients, Sushi Hokkaido Sachi has selected the best ingredients for this year's Autumn menu – to deliver the high-class delicious courses to the gourmet for ‘the work of art’ enjoyment of Japan ‘the red leaves season’.


Hanasaki – deserves the name of Queen Crab - attractive from the inside, appetizing from the outside  


Japan Autumn is marked when the maple forests turn into the bright red color and Hokkaido steps into the Queen Crab season which only appears once a year.


Not only the specialty of the North of Japan but Hanasaki also become more special as they are caught each year when the Autumn comes. The thorny shell, however, is vividly beautiful which is bloomed like a flower in the accordance with the name of Hanasaki, nurturing the ocean flavor in each fiber of crab meat, bold taste, and light-sweet umami flavor.


Especially, Hanasaki is also well-known with the Kombu Queen Crab because they live in the seaweedy areas, the seaweed’s sweet-taste absorb into the crab meat creating the uniquely delicious flavor which cannot be found in the other crabs.


Hanasaki Kani Sashimi: The crab meat is well-cooked and placed in the bowl of cold ices, parts of the shell will remain for the decoration as well as the coverage for fresher meat.


Hanasaki Kani Yaki: In the days of changing season, the cool atmosphere is suitable for the gourmet to enjoy the whole crab grilled on the fire basket, the tasty smell mingles with the crab meat, and its shell when the crab is well-cooked spreading the Hokkaido ocean flavor widely.


Hanasaki Kani Miso Yaki: the charming dish has cast spell on thousand of gourmet, now has appeared with a novel version of Hanasaki, the firm meat mingles with greasy crab fat and aromatic cream.


Renkodai – the special fish with the fat amount varies on season bias    


This year autumn, the season menu in Sushi Hokkaido Sachi will welcome a completely new ingredient, with 2 dishes cooked and decorated under the skillful hands of the experienced Japanese chefs.


Renkodai – the special fish with the fat amount varies on time and each season, possessing the greasy odor, extremely fresh when the season turns into Autumn, which is the welcomed ingredient for the menu of delicious course in this year at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi.


Renkodai Sugata Usuzukuri with the even slice of the fillet, decorated with the whole fishbone which looks like the real masterpiece.


Renkodai Sashimi with 5 fillets possessing the smooth texture which is placed on the bowl of ice and decorated traditionally with sprouts, grape seaweed, wasabi, ...


Magaki – the milk from the ocean  


The first impression of Magaki is the stomach full of milk absorbing the nutrition from Hokkaido ocean, Magaki oyster, therefore, has a sweet taste and aromatic.


Therefore, Magaki oyster’s milk is compared to ‘the ocean milk’. The oysters bring the ocean flavor to combine with the milk reaching the greasiest taste when Japan is in Autumn.


Magaki Sashimi: Enjoy the full flavor with Magaki oyster, they are aromatically greasy bringing the bold taste from the pure ocean adorned with the radish grated with chili powder and Ponzu.


Magaki Cheese Yaki: Increase the greasy flavor with Cheddar fully covered on the grilled big oysters, which are aromatic with the melting cheese mingles with the firm oyster, thus the deep flavor which is hard-to-resist.


The Autumn menu will be officially served in all restaurants directly under Sushi Hokkaido Sachi from October 16, 2020. Enjoy the ‘the work of art’ of Japanese Autumn cuisine with us – the special seasonal menu only appears once a year.


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