<span>What attracts 8000 vistors per day at Fukuoka - the largest fish market of Japan?</span>

If salmon and tuna are the first two kinds of fish that came to our mind when dining at a Japanese restaurant, then at this country, the Japanese usually prefer white meat fish with mild and subtle flavor. Another year is about to pass by, let discover some dishes that had become legends.


Fukuoka is one of the most ancient “entrance” of Japan, the land that covered by three mountain sides and one side facing the sea. With the crystal clear sea and an extremely cold winter, these fishes that caught naturally in Fukuoka sea in the winter is specially delicious, with much higher nutrition values.


This is also the central trading market of Japan to other countries for ages, entrepreneurs not only been here for businesses but also  for the signature fishes that not much people knew about.


In this article, we are about to discover three types of Japanese’s favourite that worth queuing for at the end of each year, some of them you might haven’t heard of before:


Hamachi – winter’s special, tender and buttery


As a winter's special – Hamachi is the favourite choice, only after tuna and puffer fish for making sashimi. Winter is the time when it contains the most nutrition.


Hamachi fishes is big and has a rich, buttery texture, sweet tasty and a really nice smell.


Hamachi has a beautifully attractive body with glittery skin. During summer, Hamachi collects food and stores energy for the winter time, so as the end of the year, their meat is usually tender and fatty, which type of fat is extremely good for human’s health.



Houbou – a rare fish with beautiful wings


Houbou is a rare fish with beautiful wings. Shiromi, which means white meat, is the word used for tasty white meat fishes in Japanese.


Most of all, sushi chef at the expert level will slide Houbou thinly and decorate the dish as a beautiful flower petal, add a little grinder turnip and it brings out the mild sweetness of this rare fish.



Madai – King of white fish



Madai is a really special fish, with a meaningful in Japanese’s culture and belief that beyond just a delicious dish.


The Japanese believe that Madai is the king of white fish and the habitant of catching natural Madai in the sea is one of a beautifully culture that has hundreds years of history in Japan.


Madai - Vua của các loài cá thịt trắng với hương vị tinh tế


This shows us the respectation that Japanese people spend for this kind of fish only. Madai is usually found in deep sea water, which explained the tenderness and chewy texture.


In big holiday such as new year, wedding or anniversaries, the Japanese really like to choose this dish because of its pink color – the color which is believed to bring luck.

Vào mùa lạnh, việc thưởng thức những nồi lẩu ấm bụng và đầy dinh dưỡng rất được ưa chuộng tại Nhật Bản.


Fukuoka sea’s signatures are imported directly from Japan and are being served at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurants.


Furthermore, due to the partnership between Sushi Hokkaido Sachi and Fukuoka, we are having special offers for Fukuoka origin dishes, applied on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 22/11/2019 to 15/12/2019.


Don’t miss out the call of luck for the new year coming!


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