<span>Workshop: Making sushi with your children and discover Japanese cuisine</span>

The value of sushi is not only in its nutrition and taste, it also contains a lot more of traditional cultural values. Besides, this dish is also an effective Japanese mean to teach children, which is followed by many parents in the world.


Sushi is closed to Japanese children’s life


As a tradition dish that show up in mostly every meal of Japanese families, from the combination of rice, vinegar and a variety range of ingredients such as crab, shrimp, fish, egg… sushi is absolutely the favourite dish of many Japanese children.


Moreover, through the mother’s hands, sushi for children in Japan has so many styles, creative and cute that makes the child’s meals never look boring even when using the same ingredient.


Japanese kids are more independent by cooking themselves


Japanese children learn to be independent from their early ages because of the education and orientation from their parent. Besides personal self-care activities like eating, showering, putting on clothes by themselves… Japanese parents also teach their kids to cook since they’re only 02 years old.



This is considered an effective educating method, children can learn about colors, ingredients, origins of different types of ingredients. Furthermore, kids can practice making delicious dishes for themselves. And Nigiri (rice ball with a slide of fish on top), Uramaki (rolled rice that the rice is on the outside while the seaweed is inside)… are Japanese parents’ first choices to teach their offspring – dishes that do not require fire stoves.


Let your children discover themselves through Japanese cuisine


As a parent, we all want to protect our children completely safe and sound, but sometimes that is the barrier of your children to the outside, which can lead to self-inconfident, unable to protect what they want.


Parents usually afraid that their kids might hurt themselves in the kitchen, so they always cover their kids in the safe of their arms. However, do parents ever think that: “what is hidden, is more likely to be discovered” so let children prove themselves under parents’ guidances.


A little nervous, a little confused feeling will soon be gone, when parents see their kids create the first sushi rolls. It might be imperfect, a little messy and might not look really nice in the eyes of other people, but to parents, it’s the proud of the child’s first effort, to be self-discoverd and gain more confident to continue learning even harder life lessons.




Understanding this feeling, Hokkaido Sushi Workshop is organized to give children chances to show off their hidden talent, showing more love to the tasty Japanese cuisine, and most specially to create more meaningful family memories together under the instruction from Sushi Hokkaido Sachi’s Japanese Head Chefs.



First life lessons might be simple, but it is the greatest treasure that parents can give to their children. To wish that later their kids can easily beat any trouble in life, just like how they are the confident leader in their kitchen, when they were little.


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