<span>Take a look at “Dishes of the day” menu at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi</span>

Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurant not only imports high quality ingredient sources from Japan and delivers them directly by air transportations daily, but also focuses on selecting and using ingredients from Vietnam’s sea area.


Selected from qualified local ingredient sources, under the skillful hands of Japanese Head Chefs, “Dishes of the day” menu is officially launched at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi with the aim to bring out surprising experience for diners by dishes that only available within a day and being changed regularly.


“Dishes of the day” – Ingredients that are hunted from local


Known as “Forest is gold, ocean is silver, oceans of money.”, Vietnamese’s seafood resource is not only various but also include rare kinds, fresh and delicious with high quality


To Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurants, qualification to assess the best source of seafood is when it still kept alive with fullest taste and quality, straight from the seaside to the restaurant. Through a strict study and process, the restaurant had collaborated directly with the fishman to ship right when the seafood arrived, with natural luxury fish and being updated in the restaurant’s menu.


Depending on the land, climate, weather… each time the fishman catches and brings surprising ingredients on a daily basis, collects natural kinds of fish, ensure the quality, but not available every day.  


Sennendai – a symbol of luck


Sennendai in Japanese means “once in a blue moon” so this is a high end fish, rare and has an enormous mental value because of its beautiful vibrant red color, which means praying for fortune and luck in the East cuisine.


Sennendai lives in salted water area and is the biggest kind of pink fish. The grown fish can reach up to 60 – 70 cm, vibrant pink with thick red line along the body. The meat is white, tender and keeps the fullest taste of the ocean when prepared into Sashimi.


Sennendai Sashimi with 5 thick pieces, preserved cold on ice, decorated in a traditional way with sprouts, grape seeweed and wasabi…


13 fish fillets are sliced ​​thin and decorated like petals


Managatsuo – a rare stone in the white meat fish line


White meat fish with light taste, is caught and reached its most delicious in the summer. Managatsuo grows into big size, glowing natural silver skin, high fat and soft texture, slowly melted in your mouth in Sashimi form.


Managatsuo Sashimi fillet into 5 pieces with soft texture, light taste and melts in the top of your tongue.


Umazurahagi Sashimi – “Foie Gras” of the ocean


Umazurahagi with pale pink meat, sweet and chewy as chicken meat by its toned, natural flavor. In particular, the fish bone kind is cartilage, very soft, fish meat contains high calcium and protein, which is beneficial for health.


The most unique and distinctive feature of Umazurahagi Sashimi comes from the dipping sauce made from shouyu mix with fish liver and some special ingredients following the recipe of Sushi Hokkaido Sachi’s Japanese Head Chef.


With the light fatty taste, not even fishy at all, the fish liver dipping sauce creates a unique feature for the dish, extremely attractive that you cannot find anywhere else.


Katsuika – the most hunted ingredients at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi


Known as “King of the squid”, Aori Ika is always the best recommendation for foodaholic. Aori Ika belongs to Shiro Ika family (white squid) with thick wing, transparent body and a thin brown cover, its meat is sweet and absolutely fresh.


The Koi Ika (cuttlefish) is a short wing, round body squid that is loved by its most toned in all kind of squids, the sweet umami flavor is hidden in every flesh.


Yari Ika (squids) with tubular elongated body, with distinctive brittleness and gentle flavor. Each piece of squid bearing the flavor of the sea, dipping in shouyu, adding spicy wasabi that awake your taste to feel the whole of fresh taste, natural sweet. This dish is always the star on the table at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi.




The official “Dishes of the day” menu is officially served at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurants from 30/08/2020. Enjoy and feel the unexpected gift from the nature that Sushi Hokkaido Sachi brings to customers.


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