<span>The three famous fishes in the ‘hundred years market’ that pay attention to over 8000 tourists in Fukuoka</span>

The East has Toyosu, Fukuoka has Yanagibashi – the largest fish market in West Japan and focuses on the seafood of Kyushu peninsula and Genkai beach.


Fukuoka is one of the long-standing gateway of Japan, has an age-old culture, the important trading land, is the cuisine paradise that impacts on all areas in Japan. With 3 sides bordering the mountain and 1 side bordering the beach, Fukuoka is the original land of many fishes that contributed to shape the famous Sashimi culture of Japan.


HAMACHI – ‘Kobe beef’ of the ocean


Favored by the Fusang people, dubbed ‘Kobe beef’ of the ocean with the delicious and greasy flavour created by tiny marbling mixed in the ruby red flesh.


 Hamachi Sashimi


Hamachi is classified red meat fish (Akami - 赤見), is the emigratory fish with living environment which change every season and move to the South from winter to spring.


Because of that, Fukuoka is the beach where Hamachi fish enter the development phase, then, fish has the maximum grease, is loved not only as a delicious flavor but also a surprise nutrition source with high protein content and filled with 11 vitamin types, many benefits for health.


Toro Hamachi Sashimi


KAWAHAGI – The only one of sauce from liver whitefish.


If fish flesh has high protein content, many vitamin B and canxi, liver fish – is one of the mouthwatering and most expensive portoin of Kawahagi which has the maximum fatty and develop best.


Kawahagi Sashimi


Enjoyed Sashimi with liver fish sauce is the most wonderful experience in Sushi Hokkaido Sachi. Chef with talented hands creates awesome fillet, any fish slice is steady but not break liver – the final feature to keep flavor within special sauce.


HOUBOU – bring Spring in the pink of fish


Any fish slice with beautiful ruby red color and the wonderful fin like wings, Houbou is the rare fish of the high quality whitefish segment. 


Houbou Sugata Zukuri


In Edo, Houbou is the ingredient for elite meals by splendid look, Shiromi whitefish has a light flavor and only bears in the spring – the most beautiful season of the year. 


Houbou Sashimi


Nowaday, Houbou lives and delevopes in the warm water area wherein hot ocean current, specially Fukuoka beach. The bearing time concurred cherry blossom blooming, so that, the pink of fish is compared the colour of spring flowers. 


Houbou Usuzukuri


Fukuoka specialities is directly imported from Japan will serve at all outlets of Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurant from 01/03/2021. Enjoy 6 dishes from 3 selective ingredients, under the talented hands of Japanese Chef to create a spring picture of cherry blossom country for Vietnamese diners.



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