<span>Discover TEMPURA - A signature dish of Japan</span>

Together with Sushi & Soba, Tempura is one of the top three dishes in Edo era (Edo No Zanmai), developed and welcome all over the world.  


The origin of Tempura - the dish that marked on the world food map


Tempura first came to Japan in Edo era, from the very first Portuguese to arrive in this country, bringing with them fried vegetables – which usually is vegetables mixed with flour, most commonly is peas, and Tempura as the name is a variant of 'Tempora' - a term referring to Portuguese vegetarian week. 



When European culture began to spread to Japan, carrying with it the breaded fried dishes - a variety of cuisines, from which this form of fries became popular and Tempura was an example. In particular, the Japanese also create their own recipe to keep the outer layer crispy enough but still thin to be able to see through the ingredients inside.


Seasonal tempura - featured only in Japan


The culture of seasonal dished is a beauty not to be missed when talking about Japanese cuisine. To the Japanese, food tastes its best when ingredients are caught and harvested in time. Therefore, taking the advantage of the freshest ingredients and a clear sense of the seasons, they create tempura from seafood and vegetables.



Japanese spring begins during the fishing season after a nutritious cold winter and Kaisen Tempura is a popular dish throughout the cherry blossom season. Yasai Tempura takes advantage of the fresh, juicy and easy-to-eat vegetables on hot summer days. When the maple forest turns from green to red and when Tokyo is bustling with the largest sanma harvest festival every year, it is also the time when Tempura from white meat fish is sought after the most.



Add little grinded radish into the sauce, dip a piece of Tempura in, crispy crust, but moist and soft inside, enjoy as soon as it still hot.



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