<span>Japanese beef’s reputation - The always welcomed masterpiece of the gourmet</span>


Matsuzaka – The blue-blood cows in the top 3 of the world


Matsuzaka is the black heifer from Kuroe Washu which the cattle are raised and looked after by the experienced farmers in Mie – the land of high-class beef ranked in the top 3 worldwide.


Along with Kobe and Ohmi, Matsuzaka also named “The Three Great Wagyu” – is one of the most illustrious beef in Japan. While Kobe receives more reputation for the large amount and nationwide popularized, then Matsuzaka is more favored by the professional chefs, especially for grills and steaks. Compared to Kobe, Matsuzaka possesses a soft, and juicy flesh with the less mutton particularly their good aroma.


The cattle are treated as family members, therefore, all have their names. Unlike ‘their friends’ from the West freely grazing on the mountainside, pastured barley hay, Matsuzaka ‘eat well, sleep tight’ in sanitary space including the rain covers, and fatten within 900 days.



According to the experts, there are three factors to evaluate the perfect taste of Matsuzaka comprising of smell, mutton, and the smooth-melting feeling in the mouth. The special characteristics of Matsuzaka are their odor cannot spread into the atmosphere without being processed through temperature, since the flesh only reach up to the most ideal taste when it is on the grazier grill, the heat pervasive from the hot stones will firm Matsuzaka’s muscle fiber leaving the customers the unforgettable aftertaste.


Wagyu – The reputation of Japan Beef, the Gourmet’s masterpieces


Wagyu is the black cow from Japan worldwide famous for the excellent value and the first-class expensive price – following rigorous criteria which are researched, complied with several procedures for the marbling mixed with the top-ranking fat line, and unique tastes distinctive to any place in the world.


Any single piece of Wagyu based on the evaluation from the strict standards which are the marbling, colors, brightness, the flesh texture, and luster, also the original flavor, … within 15 levels, in which A5 is the tastiest for Wagyu possessing sufficient elements. 



Sushi Hokkaido Sachi proudly offers Wagyu Sumiyaki – the most high-class Wagyu A5 charcoal-grilled which is directly served on the table. Quick roasted within a short time to remain the natural flavor unami, dipped with Himalaya pink salt, sweet sauce, or a little of Yuzu salt, and feel the beef melting on tip of the tongue.  


Tokachi - vương quốc bò nơi miền Bắc Nhật Bản


Tokachi cows are the exclusive brand from Tokachi, Hokkaido. Inherently, the bulls from Holstein - dairy cows were raised by Wagyu livestock technology, associating with the farmer’s secret recipes, and complementing additional herbs for the softer flesh, however with the less mutton, and the more delicious taste.



In several ways of beef enjoying as grill, steak, … then Sukiyaki is one of the most favored ways of eating in Japan. Although Sukiyaki is served in Kansai-style or Kanto, they still taste good as appetizing hot-served courses, especially when the season changes into summer. Moreover, Sukiyaki is the dish designed for sharing and representative of gathering together which is suitable to enjoy with friends and family.



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